2022 Montana Bear Hunts

2022 Montana Bear Hunts

All of the 2022 Montana Day-by-Day spring bear hunts!

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2022 Montana Bear Hunts
  • Multiple Bears Spotted | Dale's Bear Hunt EP. 1

    Dale has been waiting all year to head into a new location that he's never hunted for bears. It's a spot thats very difficult to access, and he finally got the right conditions to be able to get into this area. Follow along as Dale spends a few days chasing black bears in Montana!

  • Critters Everywhere | Dale's Bear Hunt PT.2

    After getting aquatinted with the new landscape and having a few days of success finding bears, Dale heads to a new location to find a mature bruin!

  • Searching For a Montana Bruin - 2022 MT Bear with Marcus

    It's springtime in Montana, which means one thing for Marcus. It's spring bear hunting time! Marcus and cameraman Jace search high and low, far and wide for a mature boar. The guys face some adversity and do their best to adapt and overcome!

  • Shots Fired! - 2022 Montana Bear Hunt with Marcus (Ep.2)

    Marcus and Jace hit the mountains after a rough couple of days of not finding bears. The boys locate a nice burin and find tons of wildlife trying to relocate that bear. After a few hours, Marcus finally gets a crack at a nice boar!

  • Bear Hunting With a TicTok Star!

    Randy and Arlando head to the mountains for a few days of spring bear hunting. Neither of them has hunted this part of Montana before and they're excited to hit the mountain in search of a mature boar!


    After a few slow days, the guys are back after it! After a little searching Randy finds a bear. The duo spends a to of time behind the glass battling the elements in search of a mature bear. Follow along to see if the link up with one!