2023 Montana Black Bear Hunts

2023 Montana Black Bear Hunts

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2023 Montana Black Bear Hunts
  • We Found a Boar! | MT Bear with Jace

    Jace and Michael hit the mountains in search of a bruin! Follow along as Jace searches far and wide for a mature boar to full his freezer with!

  • Bears Galore! | MT Bear with Marcus (EP.3)

    Kara, Marcus and Rocky finish up their Black Bear hunt in our last episode of the Montana Black Bear hunting series. Also, Marcus shares some tips on processing your black bear.

  • BEAR DOWN! | MT Bear with Marcus (EP.2)

    Marcus, Rocky, and Kara hit the steep mountains of Montana in search of a bruin! After getting socked in and having no visibility, the crew regroups and finally finds a nice boar to pursue!

  • Montana Black Bear with Marcus and Rocky (Ep. 1 of 3)

    Marcus and Rocky hit the mountain side in search of some late spring bear action. The weather doesn't cooperate for the fella's but they keep their heads up and continue their search for a bear.