AK Moose and Caribou Day by Day

AK Moose and Caribou Day by Day

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AK Moose and Caribou Day by Day
  • Bowhunting for CARIBOU | Alaska Moose & Caribou (EP. 1)

    Marcus Hockett was lucky enough to draw an archery moose tag which allows him to hunt the 5 mile corridor of the Dalton Highway in Alaska. Joining him is his wife and hunting partner Kara who picked up an archery caribou tag.

    After flying from Bozeman, they land in Fairbanks and get everyt...

  • SURROUNDED BY CARIBOU | Alaska Moose & Caribou (EP. 2)

    In episode 2 of this Alaska hunt, Marcus and Kara are planning to spend the next couple days trying to arrow a Caribou before they head to the moose unit to focus on Marcus' tag for the remainder of the hunt.

    It doesn't take long to locate Caribou, and a lot of them. Throughout the day, t...

  • On The Search For A Legal MOOSE | Alaska Moose & Caribou (EP. 3)

    In episode 3 of this Alaska hunting adventure, Marcus Hockett and his wife Kara Landolfi transition from chasing caribou to hone in on finding a legal bull moose. Although Marcus drew this limited entry tag, he still surely has his work cut out for him. Beyond being an archery tag, the restrictio...

  • BULL MOOSE SPOTTED | Alaska Moose & Caribou (EP. 4)

    In episode 4 of this DIY Alaska adventure, Marcus Hockett is still holding a moose tag with only a couple days left to fill it. They haven't seen a single moose yet this trip and are hoping to come in clutch in the closing days. Since they haven't seen any, they decide to give Caribou another cha...