Anyfin Goes!

Anyfin Goes!

Anyfin Goes!
  • A Montana Fish Tour

    ANYFIN GOES is a new series that highlights different fishing opportunities in Montana. Follow along as Marcus and Michael travel around the state and try to catch as many fish species as possible!

  • Montana Trout Fishing

    For Marcus and Michael, ANYFIN GOES! In episode 2 of this Montana fishing tour they focus on the variety of trout occupying the many blue-ribbon streams that are just a short drive from their homes. They explore multiple rivers utilizing both fly rod and spinner. Diving into the history of both t...

  • Montana Paddlefish

    For Marcus and Michael, ANYFIN GOES! In episode 3 they head to Montana’s muddy waters to seek out a fresh water fish that more closely resembles a dinosaur than any thing else!

    These prehistoric, zooplankton eating giants can only be caught via snagging, so bait and lures are of no use i...