Anyfin Goes!

Anyfin Goes!

Anyfin Goes!
  • Native Trout in Montana | ANYFIN GOES!

    Montana is home to some of the best trout fishing in all of the world. The thing is, most of the trout people chase are not native to Montana. In this episode, the guys target native Westlope and Yellowstone cutthroats and explain how these fish are doing.


    Marcus and Michael are searching for a super-invasive fish that has taken over some of Montana's waterways. The boys explore the two main methods anglers target these giant fish and have a blast doing it!

  • Catching Giant Lake Trout in Montana | ANYFIN GOES!

    Michael and Marcus explore the two big lake trout fisheries in Montana!

  • Fort Peck Walleyes

    Marcus and Michael are baffled at how invested walleye anglers are in catching fish that fight like a clump of grass. Randy is one of those guys. So we joined him on one of his favorite fisheries for walleye. Fort Peck is a true spectacle. With more shoreline than the Californian coast and over 4...

  • A Montana Fish Tour

    ANYFIN GOES is a new series that highlights different fishing opportunities in Montana. Follow along as Marcus and Michael travel around the state and try to catch as many fish species as possible!

  • Montana Trout Fishing

    For Marcus and Michael, ANYFIN GOES! In episode 2 of this Montana fishing tour they focus on the variety of trout occupying the many blue-ribbon streams that are just a short drive from their homes. They explore multiple rivers utilizing both fly rod and spinner. Diving into the history of both t...

  • Montana Paddlefish

    For Marcus and Michael, ANYFIN GOES! In episode 3 they head to Montana’s muddy waters to seek out a fresh water fish that more closely resembles a dinosaur than any thing else!

    These prehistoric, zooplankton eating giants can only be caught via snagging, so bait and lures are of no use i...