Arizona Archery Elk

Arizona Archery Elk

Marcus and his wife Kara explore the wilds of Arizona chasing bull elk and good times. Marcus drew a late archery elk tag and has been anxiously awaiting this tag all year. It's November and the bulls have stopped rutting, which makes it even more difficult to get a chance at a bull. Follow along as the crew spends a week in pursuit of bull elk, adventure, and surviving all the plants that want to poke them!

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Arizona Archery Elk
  • 2021 Arizona Archery Elk with Marcus - Lessons Learned

    Marcus explains the lessons he learned while he was on a late-season archery elk hunt in Arizona! Follow along and learn from Marcus's mistakes!

  • Stalking a BIG Bull | Arizona Archery Elk (EP.1)

    Marcus stalks a big bull elk during the first day of his late-season archery elk tag. Kara, Marcus's wife, took the week off work to join him and help film the adventure. The dynamic duo tear apart Arizona's rugged landscape (in some cases get torn apart by it) and search high in low for a bull e...

  • 30 YARDS FULL Draw | Arizona Archery Elk (EP.2)

    Marcus and Kara are up early to find bulls before they bed in the mid-morning. When they arrive at their glassing location, Marcus finds a nice bull elk to stalk. He eventually watches the elk bed and makes a move on him.

  • Bull Elk WONT STAND UP | Arizona Archery Elk (EP.3)

    Marcus and Kara start off finding a nice bull elk in the morning and getting a good general direction of where he bedded down for the day. They make an epic all-day stalk over there and get super close. After a long day, they head back to camp, enjoy a nice meal, and prepare for their last day in...

  • Stalking a 6X8 Bull | Arizona Archery Elk (EP.4)

    Kara finds one of the bulls from earlier in the trip and Marcus decides to make a last-day push to fill his tag. The group struggles to get into position but finally found the bull in his bed.