Backcountry Elk Hunt

Backcountry Elk Hunt

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Backcountry Elk Hunt
  • Three Different Herds 150 Yards From The Truck! | Backcountry Elk Hunt (EP. 1)

    Marcus Hockett met up with friend a regular guest host, Beau Baty of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. They meet up at a trailhead and pack their llamas up and start heading down the trail.

    It doesn't take long to locate elk as they glass up multiple herds not far from the truck. After continuing a...

  • FULL DRAW On A Public Land Bull | Backcountry Elk Hunt (EP. 2)

    Marcus and Beau are back at it and up early, but Beau is making Marcus sleep in and rest because he hasn't been feeling well. So Beau heads out from camp to glass and call and try to locate a bull.

    He is able to locate elk that morning, but they are in a difficult and nasty top of the mountain ...

  • Looking For Beau's Bull | Backcountry Elk Hunt (EP. 3)

    Beau and Marcus are up before first light and get the llamas saddled up to head out and track the bull Beau arrowed the night prior. They retrace back to exactly where Beau shot and search for blood and tracks to try and locate where he went.

    After a morning of exhausting the surrounding area, t...

  • Public Land Bull with a Bow | Backcountry Elk Hunt (EP. 4)

    Beau decides to stay back and get camp packed up so they can relocate closer to some water. In the meantime, Marcus heads out at first light to call and try and locate a bull to go after. He finds elk scattered all around in the morning but doesn't hear any bugles.

    So he decides to get closer to...