Field Care and Processing of Your Meat

Field Care and Processing of Your Meat

Field Care and Processing of Your Meat
  • How to Break Down a Elk Hind Quarter and Cook Each Cut

  • How To Break Down and Cook a Elk Shoulder

    Marcus breaks down an elk shoulder and then discusses how to cook the different muscle groups with his wife, Kara, and a professional chef, Jaime Teigen.

  • Field Care of Your Elk - The "Gutless Method"

    Filling elk tag is exciting. Reality sets in when you have your elk on the ground. This video shows you how to do it, start to finish, without having to remove the entrails; a method known as the "Gutless Method."

  • How To Remove The Tenderloin (Doing The Gutless Method)

    It's quite easy to remove once you know the basics and do it right. While on a Colorado elk hunt, Randy shot a bull elk and decides to show the process from start to finish. For him it only takes about 2 minutes to remove 1. This is a fantastic cut of meat, that you do not want to forget to take ...

  • How to Take Care of Your Meat in the Field

    Randy Newberg and JR Young explain what they do to ensure their meat stays cool, while they are still out in the field. Randy just arrowed a bull bison, and with that much meat he wants to make sure not of it spoils.

    Instead of throwing all of the cuts of meat in a game bag and letting it sit, t...

  • Processing Moose Meat with Randy Newberg

    Randy is joined by his son Matthew as they trim up some of the best portions of Matthew's recently taken Shiras Moose from Montana. We hunt for food, so proper food care is paramount to our hunting.

    In this video we do no show every cut. We show how we trim the tenderloins, backstraps (loins),...

  • How To Do The Gutless Method | Gerber Field Dressing

    How to do the gutless method on an elk (or deer, pronghorn, moose, etc.). In this video, Randy Newberg is using his new Gerber exchange blade knife on a recently harvested elk in New Mexico. He does a thorough overview on how to do the gutless method while also caping the animal.

    Randy suggests...

  • How To Butcher a Deer Hindquarter

    Field Producer and Editor, Dan Wilde demonstrates his method of butchering a deer hindquarter, from a buck that Randy shot in Montana.

    Dan cleans up the meat and trims fat before breaking it down according to the natural muscle groups. He then wraps it in plastic wrap before an outer layer of f...