Fresh Snacks

Fresh Snacks

Fresh Snacks are fast paced cooking episodes hosted by the Fresh Tacks crew. Each week someone cooks a wild game dish, and shares it with the whole office for lunch!

Fresh Snacks
  • Turkey Leg Carnitas with Marcus - Fresh Snacks!

    This week, Marcus cooks turkey leg carnitas for the Fresh Tracks office!

  • Wild Turkey Nuggets with Dale - Fresh Snacks!

    Dale cooks wild turkey nuggets for the fresh tracks crew from the turkey he shot this spring. Follow along for some delicious nuggets!

  • Antelope Meatball Subs with Michael - Fresh Snacks!

    Today on Fresh Snacks, Michael makes meatball subs for the fresh tracks office!

  • Mountain Lion Tacos with Dale - Fresh Snacks!

    Dale harvested his first mountain lion and is cooking tacos for the crew! Follow along as Dale takes you through the steps of making the cat editable!

  • Fresh Snacks - Salmon Slabs with Paul!

    Paul came back from a deer hunt in Alaska with some fresh salmon! Today he provides the office with some FRESH SNACKS! Cook along with Paul and make some delicious SALMON SLABS!

  • Antelope Sliders with Jace! - Fresh Snacks

    Here at Fresh Tracks, we work hard, super hard. All that hard work needs to be fueled by something. Fueling the team today is Jace, our newest camera operator. Jace and his new pup hit the antelope flats in Montana searching for a meat buck. He got that meat, and today, he's cooking that meat. A...

  • Venison Enchiladas with David - Fresh Snacks

    David is our lead editor here at Fresh Tracks. He's also pretty new to hunting, but over the past two years he's harvested two deer during the Montana rifle season. This year he got his first buck! Today he's making venison Enchiladas with that buck!

  • Fresh Snacks! | Bear Meatloaf with Jonathan

    Jonathan harvested his first black bear last year! Today he makes bear meatloaf for the office! What will it score? Tune in to find out!

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Shepherd's Pie with Dale

    Who doesn't love shepherd's pie? This week Dale cooks something that he's never done before. Check it out and see what the Fresh Track Crew thinks!

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Elk Chili with Michael

    It's the second week of our new series! Every week someone makes a "Fresh Snack" to share with everyone in the office. This week, Michael makes elk chili from the bull he shot in 2020. Randy gives the review. Lets see what it scores!

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Elk Stew with Marcus

    Every week someone in the office is in charge of making a "Fresh Snack". To kick things off, Marcus makes a hearty bull elk stew from the elk he harvested in 2019.