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Fresh Tracks Films
  • The Dam That Never Was – A Conservation Story of the Yellowstone River

    Numerous stories have brought light to the troublesome nature of damming our wild rivers. This story is not of a river lost, but of a river saved. The Yellowstone river is the longest undammed river in the Lower 48. Had it not been for the foresight of key individuals, the spectacular Paradise Va...

  • Selfless – A Story of Wild Sheep Advocacy

    The story of selfless volunteers who banded together to restore water sources to give wildlife their habitat back. Many of the volunteers happen to be hunters. Interestingly though, most of them will never get the chance to hunt a wild sheep, yet they donate their time, talent and treasure to the...

  • Rain Deer – A Sitka Blacktail Story

    Biologist, Sophie Gilbert, shares her story of researching the little known Sitka black-tailed deer living on the rainy islands of SE Alaska. Finding help through a local hunter, Jim Baichtal, Sophie learns more about the deer, culture and hunting. Intrigued by hunting for herself, Sophie teams u...