Fresh Tracks - Season 11

  • Coues Deer Double! | Season 11 Finale

    Marcus and his father head south to chase the elusive "grey ghost". Follow along as the father-son duo hike up and down steep prickly hills in search of one of the coolest flavors of deer!

  • A Migration Story

    While on a hunting trip in Southern Wyoming, Matthew and Randy reflect on the migration journey deer take every year, risking everything for better feeding grounds.

  • Back Home

    Randy heads to his hometown of Big Falls, Minnesota. While there he visits with family and friends, helps the local school, and hunts deer.

  • My Uncle Larry

    Randy heads to Arizona to meet up with Uncle Larry. Admitting this might be his last elk hunt, Larry looks to find the perfect bull.

  • Experience Colorado

  • New Adventures

    Randy's niece, Jordyn, is looking to get her first black bear. With Randy there to show her the ropes, and her dad to tag along, she explores the Alaska wilderness.

  • A Game of Checkers

    Randy and Sweepstakes winner, Sean, take a trip to Wyoming to hunt Sean's first bull elk. Despite lots of sightings, they have to navigate the checkerboard pattern of public and private land.

  • Now And Then

    Randy and crew take a trip to Nevada to hunt pronghorn. Hunting just outside of The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Randy reflects on the changing habitat and history of the area all while looking for a buck.

  • Helping Friends

    Scott Jones and the crew head to Idaho to find Big Hank.

  • Personal Preference

    Matthew and Randy go to Wyoming for Matthew's pronghorn tag. It is migration season and Matthew sorts through hundreds of bucks to find what he's looking for.

  • Backcountry Reset

    Randy, Mike, and Beau head to Wyoming for a back country elk extravaganza. Randy contemplates feeding grounds, Beau takes advantage of an opportunity, and Mike searches for Big Hank.

  • Bison on the Landscape

    Jim Baichtal has a raft and a bison tag. Follow along as he floats the rivers of Alaska.