Fresh Tracks - Season 12

Fresh Tracks - Season 12

Fresh Tracks - Season 12
  • Seeking The Next ADVENTURE! | An Alaskan Moose DOUBLE

    An EPIC Alaskan Adventure!

  • Looking for a Legend

    Randy and Matthew find themselves in Arizona hunting elk along the borders against the White Mountain Apache reservation. Randy looks for a legend. Matthew can't catch a break.

  • An Ecological Education

    Randy and Matthew find themselves in Colorado to fill Matthew's mule deer tag. As they hunt for just the right deer, Randy can't help but notice the changes in the landscape since his last visit to the area.

  • Being An Elk Hunter

    Randy heads to Idaho where he looks to bring an elk off the mountain. As the week progresses he finds himself up against a challenge and defines what it means to be an elk hunter.

  • Bears & Boats

    Randy and Jim head to Alaska to hunt black bears with a yacht as home base.