Fresh Tracks – Season 4

Fresh Tracks – Season 4

Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes viewers along with America’s most dedicated public land hunter. On public lands, weather seldom cooperates and often times the animals win. Always a story to be told; man versus himself, wildlife conservation, public land advocacy, all through the eyes of a hunter who is deeply connected to these lands and the animals he shares them with.

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Fresh Tracks – Season 4
  • New Mexico Rifle Elk with Leupold's Bruce Pettet

    Hunting New Mexico elk with Randy Newberg, Bruce Petter (CEO of Leupold Optics) takes a great public land bull. Roadless and Wilderness areas are the reservoir for hunting outside the Wilderness areas. This hunt will demonstrate the value of these backcountry areas.

  • Colorado Rifle Mule Deer - This one, or none.

    Hunting Colorado Mule Deer with Randy Newberg takes you to the west slope country where Randy is hunting bucks in his favorite 3rd season location. Elk are forsaken in hopes of hanging a tag on a special buck Randy encounters midway through the hunt.

  • Montana Archery Elk with Randy Newberg and Corey Jacobsen

    Randy takes nine-time World Elk Calling Champion, Corey Jacobsen, to Randy's favorite Montana general tag area. The public land elk are pressured and weary, but you would not know that from this episode. Grouse and grizzlies add a bit of spice to this hunt.

  • Hunting Wyoming Archery Elk with Randy Newberg

    Hot, windy, early season archery elk hunt in Central Wyoming shows how we should expect the unexpected. Holding a tag that is good for both September archery and November rifle, Randy has elk right on his lap.

  • Wyoming Rifle Elk, Round 2

    Hunting Wyoming elk with Randy Newberg returns to the same location as his archery elk hunt earlier in the season. This time, Randy has a friend, and a rifle.

    Pat Schmitt comes from Wisconsin to help Randy locate some blizzard bulls in Central Wyoming. Weather being fickle, the elk can be ...

  • New Mexico Archery Hunt - Pronghorn and Puppy

    Hunting New Mexico with Randy Newberg, in this case for antelope, Randy is hoping to keep his streak of archery pronghorn success intact. When he finds a special buck, all others are forsaken. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • New Mexico Elk with 2015 Sweepstakes Winner

    Hunting New Mexico elk with Randy Newberg includes new friend, Tom Wagner, winner of the Fresh Tracks "Win a Hunt with Randy" sweepstakes. They go to northern New Mexico for a tough hunt on public land bulls.

  • One-day Whitetail; Montana Style

    Hunting with Randy Newberg takes you on a Montana Whitetail Deer hunt. Randy has no more than two days between trips and tries to fill his Montana deer tag on a small piece of public land where rutting whitetails tend to travel.

  • Hunt Talk Forum members produce a Montana black bear hunt

    Hunting Montana black bear with Randy Newberg allows the members of the Hunt Talk website to take over the TV show for an episode. The Hunt Talk forum has some of America's finest public land hunters.

    In this episode, a dozen Hunt Talkers take to the woods of Northwest Montana, hunting pub...