Fresh Tracks Weekly

Fresh Tracks Weekly

Fresh Tracks Weekly is a weekly show that dives into sportsman's issues, conservation topics, and a general update about what's going on here at Fresh Tracks!

Fresh Tracks Weekly
  • Cows with Collars, Wild Pigs in MT? & Talking Elk | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 28)

    Short episode this week with Michael and Randy out of the office. Just a few news segments to recap.

    Legislation in Kansas to provide free deer tags and defund the game and fish.

    The roadless rule has been restored on the Tongass National forest in Alaska, what does this mean for wildlife and ...

  • Legalize Corner Crossing? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 27)

    We start with a recap from the weekend's chukar hunt where some tasty, cheat grass-filled, non-native upland birds were chased down by a bird dog in the cliffs.

    We hear from Michael's fishing corner where we hear about the new rod he just broke.

    News segments include three grizzly bears that c...

  • Media Has Ruined Hunting | Fresh Traks Weekly (Ep. 26)

    This week we talk about a recently published study looking at the Greater Yellowstone Elk Herd and how much they rely on private land in the winter. Much of the land they utilize in the winter is still unprotected.

    Conservation easements have recently seen pushback over concerns of land being f...

  • We're Back! | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep. 25

    A Legislative storm of fish and wildlife-related bills are being drafted in Montana and likely in your state as well. Randy gives us a preview of what's to come in Montana in one of the segments of Fresh Tracks Weekly. Hopefully we can get a weekly update as both good and bad bills are brought fo...

  • Last Episode... It's Hunting Season | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 24)

    This is the last episode for the foreseeable future. Hunting season is starting for us and we won't have time for the weekly show. We catch up with Michael in the Ohio edition of the fishing corner and jump into a few news items. The Center for Biological Diversity along with some other animal we...

  • Bison Ruining a Way of Life? American Prairie vs UPOM | FT Weekly (Ep. 23)

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    RMEF Films Minam Project

    Another busy week for the Fresh Tracks crew as we gear up for the upcoming season.

    Michael has been getting some incredible dry fly action fishing the last couple weeks and fills us in over at the fishing corn...

  • Wolves are Wolves | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 22)

    It's a busy week for the crew, finishing up edits from last season while prepping for the next hunting season.

    Wolves being the charismatic megafauna that they are often pop up in national news feeds along with many hunting related news feeds. The reason they gain so much attention is often for ...

  • Opportunity or Trophy Elk? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 21)

    This week we have a crew update, saying farewell and good luck to several employees. We have a sneak peak in to the recent AnyFin Goes episodes currently in production. We touch on the draft wold management plan that Minnesota has put out for public comment, talking about the thin line Departmen...

  • Canceling Conservation? | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep 20

    This week we get the crew fishing update from the 4th of July weekend.
    We learn about the funding of the Northern Plains Grassland Project and talk about where the money comes from. We look into the current status of wildfires throughout the United States this summer and ponder the potential cons...

  • Losing 75,000 acres of Public Land? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 19)

    In this episode we catch up with the crew that has been out fishing quite a bit in the last couple weeks.

    News items this week include North Carolina elk and wildlife crossings. Turns out people really like elk back east too and are trying to help with connectivity across busy roadways.

    A new s...

  • Drawing WY Elk Tag a Thing of the Past? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 18)

    We discuss the proposed regulation changes that would open up 54,000 acres to additional hunting and fishing opportunities on National Wildlife Refuge lands and waters, but also along with these changes comes reduced use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle.

  • Hunt For a Purpose | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 17)

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    This week we recap a recent paddlefish trip, catch up on Michael's fishing corner, talk about Dale filming the Warriors and Quiet Wa...

  • 1200 Free Elk Tags?! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 16)

    Recent news includes discussion of a new pilot project in Wyoming for conserving private lands along migration corridors. Talking about about another error made by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks where 1200 tags were accidentally sent out to non-residents. A new update on the United Property Owne...

  • MT Elk Mangement is Broken... How do we Fix It? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 15)

    This week we eat mountain goat tamales that were delicious. We talk about winter ticks and moose and how 90% of calves in a recent study were killed by ticks. We also look into some recent changes with Mexican wolf recovery and recap a presentation that tells the full story of how we got to the c...

  • More Bulls For Billionaires! | Fresh Tracks Weekly

    We missed last week as we were out bear hunting, but we catch up on some of the crew's stories and catch Michael Parente's fishing report.

    News on Wyoming Migration Initiative telling the story of a mule deer's migration and encountering barriers. Bird flu sweeping across the country and now inf...

  • Corner Crossing Legal?! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 13)

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    The Fresh Tracks crew was spread out all over last week. We get Randy Newberg's beaver trapping report, Dale Evan's turkey hunting report, and Michael Parente's fishing report.

    We touch on a few headlines including the passage of the MAPLand Act, the Forest Ser...

  • Turkeys, Bears and Blizzards | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 12)

    This week we recap some turkey hunts, Michael Parente shares the fishing report, and we get a sneak peak on Randy's trip back to Minnesota where he is currently filming his friend on a beaver trapping expedition.

    We touch on the recent denial of the petition to ban black bear hunting in Californ...

  • Millions of Acres Closed to Hunting in Alaska | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 11)

    Marcus is back from a week of a vacationing and chasing turkeys with his dad. Michael is up to 56 days of fishing now and this week's office lunch consists of carnita style turkey tacos.

    A few news headlines include desert bighorn predation via mountain lions potentially being affected by fire...

  • Invasive Species Everywhere | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 10)

    This week Marcus did some wildlife watching. Matthew caught a chinook salmon on the Oregon coast. Dale, Randy and Beau helped out with a new project that Warriors and Quiet Waters has going on teaching combat veterans how to archery elk hunt.

    We talk about Beau's new Divide Series Tents, the no-...

  • We Have $900 Million to Spend! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 9)

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    Check out the LWCF interactive map here:

    Happy April Everyone! It's starting to look like spring and the crew is getting excited! Shed antler hunting, buying a "new" jet boat and razor clamming were on the docket this week.

    We ...

  • Banning Bear Hunting | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep. 8

    In this episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly, Marcus breaks down recent sportsman news and what's been going on around the office. He also talks with Jonathan about the recent banning of black bear hunting in the state of Washington.

  • Farming for Sage-grouse | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 6)

    Randy is out of the office this week so we have a fill in guest, Paul Kemper to talk about sage-grouse farming in Wyoming and the legislative process. Marcus tells the story of the recent lake trout fishing trip, the crew eats some fresh snacks and more!

  • Should Selling Antlers be Illegal? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 5)

    This week the Fresh Tracks crew was out making another episode of Any Fin Goes, Marcus put together the fifth episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly while out on the hard water. He's sharing a few recent news headlines and giving you all the updates on some of the things we have going on around the offic...

  • Less Big Bucks = Less CWD? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 4)

    This week the Fresh Tracks crew was a bit spread out across the west but we still managed to whip together the fourth episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly relaying a few recent headlines and giving updates on some of the fun things we got to do.

    For their deeper dive Randy and Marcus discuss Chronic W...