Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks

9 Seasons

Leupold's Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes viewers along with America's most dedicated public land hunter. On public lands, weather seldom cooperates and often times the animals win. Always a story to be told; man versus himself, wildlife conservation, public land advocacy, all through the eyes of a hunter who is deeply connected to these lands and the animals he shares them with.

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Fresh Tracks
  • Hunt of a Lifetime | British Columbia Mountain Caribou and Moose

    Episode 1

    Hunting Mountain Caribou in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia has been on Randy’s mind since reading a story in a hunting magazine over 40 years ago. As a non-resident, the only legal way to experience the hunt is to go with an outfitter. Finally his dream comes to fruition in an epic a...

  • Finding Peace on the Prairie | Nevada Pronghorn with Ray White

    Episode 2

    Randy wears a multi-colored paracord bracelet. The black represents those no longer with us, red for those wounded in action and green for those still serving. Ray White made the bracelet using material from kits used to pull IEDs in Afghanistan. After retirement Ray faced inner battles and found...

  • The Thrill of Bowhunting | Wyoming Archery Elk with Michael Parente

    Episode 3

    While cameraman Michael Parente has elk hunted before, he has yet to be successful. This year he was lucky enough to draw a limited-entry elk hunt in Wyoming. Archery elk hunting presents unique challenges that motivate Michael. Taking his first elk with a bow would fulfill a lifetime dream. He a...

  • Hunting for Health | Wyoming Elk with Beau Baty

    Episode 4

    Our good friend Beau Baty was excited about drawing his first limited-entry elk tag. Unfortunately, life had other plans; Beau was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of returning his tag, Beau used this hunt as motivation to get through the darkest days of his treatment. And that, he did. A rejuvenat...

  • Repaying Favors | New Mexico Elk with Uncle Mike

    Episode 5

    Randy’s younger days included hunting with his many uncles. Taking Uncle Mike on a New Mexico public land elk hunt is his way to repay some favors. The elk are cooperative, but things don’t always go as planned. Just when Mike thinks it won’t happen, he takes aim and connects on a well-earn...

  • Migrating Mulies | Wyoming Mule Deer

    Episode 6

    Mountain mule deer making their treacherous journey across Wyoming to their winter range has always intrigued Randy. This year Randy was lucky enough to draw a tag along this migration route. Making new friends along the way, Randy searches high and low in subzero temperatures for a worthy buck, ...

  • Lucky Larry | Wyoming Elk with Uncle Larry

    Episode 7

    Hunting strengthens the ties that bind us. That explains the special bond Randy has with his Uncle Larry. Years of experimental chemo, a stroke, a heart attack, and the hand of time has tried to stop Larry from this hunt. Larry is undeterred, now he and Randy brave cold temperatures and high wind...

  • Public Land Bulls | Montana Rifle Elk with Beau Baty and Matt Seidel

    Episode 8

    Randy is after bull elk in a general Montana unit with Beau Baty and Matt Seidel. This unit is a place anyone can go and hunt as long as they have a general elk tag. Because there is a lot of hunting pressure, the crew plans to use this competition to their advantage. It doesn't take long to spot...

  • Bowhunting High Desert Bucks | Nevada Archery Mule Deer with Michael Wunnicke

    Episode 9

    Randy Newberg and Michael Wunnicke from Leupold Optics head to the high desert of Nevada to chase early season mule deer on public lands. It's August and the combination of hot temperatures and archery equipment will produce no shortage of challenges. They glass plenty of bucks; the only problem ...

  • Steep Mountain Bulls | MT Archery Elk w/ Karrson Koivisto and Andrew Gritzbaugh

    Episode 10

    Randy is bowhunting with Karrson and Andrew from Gerber Gear. They are searching for bugling bulls in the steep mountains of Montana. They use llamas to go in 7 miles with all of their gear, hoping to find the elk. The terrain is steep, rocky, and covered in thick timber, making the hunting very ...

  • A Bugling Bull Bonanza | Nevada Archery Elk with Scott Jones

    Episode 11

    Randy's good friend Scott Jones has been applying for years to hunt these Nevada mountains for big rutting bulls. Scott gathers a group of good friends and they all help in his search for a good bull. They quickly realize that these mountains are rich with bugling bulls, but getting close enough ...

  • Foxhole Friends | Arizona Pronghorn with Wade Zarlingo

    Episode 12

    Randy promised his good friend Wade Zarlingo that if he ever drew an Arizona antelope tag, Randy would join him for the hunt. After 22 years of waiting, Wade finally drew his tag. Randy and Wade are joined by their good friend Jerry Pritchard as they all chase pronghorn in the high desert heat. W...

  • Sonoran Smorgasbord | Southern AZ Coues Deer, Javelina, Jackrabbit, and Quail

    Episode 13

    An annual trip to Southern Arizona is becoming a Fresh Tracks tradition. Randy and crew join with members of Arizona Game & Fish, The Hunting Public, Hank Shaw, and Sam Soholt to chase Coues deer, Javelina, Mearn's Quail, and Antelope Jackrabbit. After success with many of the small game species,...

  • An Alaskan Adventure | Alaska Moose with Marcus Hockett

    Episode 14

    Marcus Hockett got invited to Alaska for a moose hunt, and gladly accepted despite Randy's cautions about packing a moose out in such difficult terrain. Marcus has filmed plenty of hunts in Alaska, but now he is able to dedicate a whole hunt to filling his own moose tag. Rugged mountains and ragi...

  • The Buck We Came Here For | Arizona Coues Deer with Jerry Pritchard

    Episode 15

    Randy's lifelong friend Jerry Pritchard and he have talked for many years about doing an Arizona Coues deer hunt and the time has finally come. They link up in southern Arizona in search of this small and diminutive deer, aptly nicknamed the desert ghost. Ditching his bow for a rifle, Randy hopes...

  • Fishing for Dinosaurs | Montana Paddlefish with Marcus, Michael, Dale, and David

    Episode 16

    A 70 million-year-old dinosaur lives in the rivers of Montana. The Fresh Tracks crew heads out to try their hand at catching the prehistoric paddlefish, a native species that has changed little since the time of dinosaurs. Hooking a paddlefish is just the start of the adventure, as these fish can...