Leftover Elk Tag Hunt

Leftover Elk Tag Hunt

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Leftover Elk Tag Hunt
  • Trying To Call Him Off Private! | Leftover Elk Hunt (EP. 2)

    Marcus continues to make the most of his leftover elk tag and he locates a big herd first thing in the morning on a pivot, but they move well onto private land. They locate two other raghorns on public and try to make a move on them.

    Marcus picks up a third bull that is bordering the line betwee...

  • Hunting A Leftover Tag | Leftover Elk Hunt (EP. 1)

    After coming off a successful backcountry elk hunt, Marcus continues his archery season by hunting another state where he was able to pick up a leftover elk tag. It's a new area he has never been, so he plans to just cover different drainages and try to find elk.

    The elk sign is minimal, so Marc...