Leftover Nevada Deer

Leftover Nevada Deer

Dale is on the hunt for a mature mule deer buck. Nevada is known to be a big buck state with limited opportunity to hunt. This year Nevada established a way for people to purchase leftover tags. The only caveat is these tags to become available 14 days before the hunt starts. So with little preparations, Dale and Jace head to the vast public lands of Nevada for a mule deer adventure!

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Leftover Nevada Deer
  • Last Second Deer Tag | Nevada Late Season Deer Hunt (EP.1)

    Dale was able to pick up a returned late season rifle Mule Deer tag in NV. This is his first time hunting in NV after filming down here the past 3 seasons. Going to a new unit, with limited time to eScout, he quickly finds good deer numbers and starts seeing some signs of rut activity.

  • Let's Get a Closer Look | Nevada Late Season Deer (EP.2)

    Dale decides to go back to the same area he was the first day of the hunt. After not seeing the caliber of buck he’s looking for, he decides to explore new areas with high hopes of finding a buck worth chasing.

  • We Found What We're Looking for! | Nevada Late Season Deer (EP.3)

    After having the close call on Day 3, Dale again heads to another drainage to try to turn up some new deer to look over. Not finding much, he vows to go back to the original spot and give it his best effort. On the last day, he’s found a buck worth going after and makes a move to get in position ...