Montana Deer Camp

Montana Deer Camp

In this series, Marcus Hockett and Jonathan Spear, head to eastern Montana to try and fill their general deer tags. The guys are joined by some of Marcus's buddies and it's a full-on deer camp! Follow along as Marcus and Jonathan explore Montana's public lands, chase rutting deer, and enjoy deer camp with friends!

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Montana Deer Camp
  • BUCK DOWN on the First Day! | Montana Deer Camp (EP.1)

    Marcus and Jonathan arrive at their 2021 Montana deer camp. Setting up and getting some chores done is first on the menu. This year Marcus invited a few of his friends to join! Montana is unique in the fact that you can hunt rutting deer during the general rifle season. The guys see plenty of dee...

  • Hunting Deer in High Winds | Montana Deer Camp (EP.2)

    Marcus is up to bat and the plan is to cover ground and find a mature buck. It's the second and third day of the deer hunt and with the wind howling, the boys struggle to find a buck worth going after. After a slow day, the guys head back to camp to a surprise!

  • Down to The Wire | Montana Deer Camp (EP.3)

    After a few days of gale-force winds, the guys finally get a break in the weather and have high hopes for their last couple hours of hunting. Travis harvests a nice buck and the boys pack up camp and head home. Once they are back, Jonathan processes his mule deer bucks that he took a few days pri...