Montana Mountain Goat

Montana Mountain Goat

Randy is hunting the rugged mountains of southwest Montana with a group of his friends looking for a mature Mountain Goat. Back in 2018, he was hunting elk in this area and found an old billy goat he named "Grubby" after his dirty coat. Since then, Randy has been applying in this area with hopes of tacking down ole' Grubby. Follow along as Randy and crew explore the rugged public lands of southwest Montana in search of a mature billy goat!

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Montana Mountain Goat
  • Searching for GRUBBY | Montana Mountain Goat Ep.1

    Randy arrives at “Goat Village” and doesn’t waste any time before hitting the mountain to look for Grubby, a large mountain goat that he saw way back in 2018. Since then Randy has been applying for this area with the dream to pursue Grubby in late November when a goat's coat is in full plumage. T...

  • Time to Make a Change | Montana Mountain Goat Ep.2

    After a few days of not finding Grubby, Randy decides it's time to relocate to the other side of the mountain to find some goats. They immediately locate a group of goats and hike up to get a closer look!

  • 30 YARDS from TWO BILLYS | Montana Mountain Goat Ep.3

    A winter storm rolled in and Randy is back after the billy they saw the night prior. Randy and crew make their way up to where they still the big billy last night, and eventually locate a group of goats. After watching for a bit, Randy makes his first stalk of the trip on a mature mountain goat!

  • SHOTS FIRED | Montana Mountain Goat Ep.4

    Randy and the crew head back to their glassing nob and quickly find a billy worth going after. They head in on a stalk and Randy finally gets a crack at a mature mountain goat!

  • Persistence Pays off! | Montana Mountain Goat Ep.5

    After missing a goat the night before, Randy and the crew are hitting the mountain with the same plan. They guys get to their glassing spot and find a mature billy worth going after. After a long stalk, Randy gets into a comfortable shooting situation and redeems himself!