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  • The Kentucky Elk Expansion – A RMEF Film

    In December of 1997, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources released the first elk to the Southern Appalachian Coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. Over the next 25 years, a total of 1,540 relocated elk thrived to become the largest U.S. Elk Herd east of the Rocky Mountain.

    In January of...

  • HUGE Arizona Habitat Restoration Project

    Arizona boasts some of the best hunting in all of the west. Through multiple factors, there's been an explosion of Pinion-Juniper and it's taking a toll on the native grass species that deer, elk, and antelope depend on. Arizona Game and Fish along with other NGO's are working collaboratively to ...

  • Ask Me Anything Part 2! - Tax Edition

    Randy answers your questions from social media. This one is all about tax advice!

  • Lessons Learned | Glory Tags

    Randy drew two "glory tags" in 2021, but has also had many experiences with these kinds of tags. In this video, Randy explains the lessons he has learned for exceptional tags!