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  • Arizona Deer and Sheep Application Strategy

    In this video, Randy explains how to apply for Arizona deer and sheep. He goes over how the draw happened, some changes for 2023, and much more!

  • TWO Wild Turkey Dishes | FRESH SNACKS!

    Marcus shares how he makes smoked turkey breast and turkey basil stirfry!

  • Bear Camp Update From Alaska and More! Fresh Tracks Weekly EP.42

    Michael is subbing in for Marcus this week. Follow along as we get an update from Marcus and Randy. Hear about some outdoor news, and learn a thing or two about how to catch fish during spring runoff!

  • Wild Harvest Initiative Series

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    Randy Newberg and Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions, discuss the Wild Harvest Initiative, a massive, year over year, effort to collect and analyze data surrounding wild harvest and its social and economical impact.

  • Odds of Drawing a Sheep Tag | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 41)

    Big news. Marcus drew a bighorn sheep tag in Montana. A lot of excitement and plans going into the upcoming season but also reeling back and talking about the status of bighorn sheep in Montana along with Shiras moose and mountain goat. Many people wait a lifetime to draw one of these tags and un...

  • 2023 Turkey Camp

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  • Open Season on Wild Horses? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 40)

    This week we get an update on all the turkey hunting Marcus and the crew has been doing, a fishing corner from Michael, and a deeper dive into invasive species as a whole and what impact they have on native species.

  • Native Trout in Montana | ANYFIN GOES!

    Montana is home to some of the best trout fishing in all of the world. The thing is, most of the trout people chase are not native to Montana. In this episode, the guys target native Westlope and Yellowstone cutthroats and explain how these fish are doing.


    Marcus and Michael are searching for a super-invasive fish that has taken over some of Montana's waterways. The boys explore the two main methods anglers target these giant fish and have a blast doing it!

  • Catching Giant Lake Trout in Montana | ANYFIN GOES!

    Michael and Marcus explore the two big lake trout fisheries in Montana!

  • What is Killing all The Mule Deer? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 38)

    It's spring in Montana! By spring I mean it's turkey and bear season!

    Michael fills us in with all things fishing as he's been getting more excited about gear for walleye and bass than he is fly fishing for trout.

    For news, we have an update on the two Montana bills that are competing over the ...

  • Bear Deterrent 101 with Marcus

    Marcus shares his go to tools for deterring bears while in the backcountry. Bear encounters are unpredictable and happen quickly. Having the right gear and knowing how to use your equipment can save you and your hunting buddy’s life.

    Remember bear spray expires, ensure your canister is up-to...

  • 2023 Nevada Application Strategy

    Randy Newberg explains Nevada hunting regulations changes and how to apply for Nevada big game hunts in 2023. While it may be hard to draw a tag in Nevada, this state boasts some of the best deer, elk, and antelope hunts in the West

  • Deer VS Elk Hunting | 5 Biggest Differences

    Michael explains what he thinks the 5 biggest differences are between whitetail deer hunting out east, and elk hunting out west!

  • 3 Mistakes Elk Hunters Make

    Avoid these 3 (or 4) mistakes and harvest more elk!

  • Exploring Untouched Fishing Water with Pack Rafts

    Michael and Jace use their Alpaca Rafts to access some untouched trout waters in Montana!

    Go to https://www.alpackaraft.com/ to check out the rafts! Use promo code RANDY for a discount on a purchase!

  • 2023 Colorado Application Strategy

    Randy Newberg explains how to apply for colorado elk, deer, and pronghorn. Colorado is a great opportunity state for the non-resident traveling elk hunter. Colorado also boasts some of the best mule deer hunting in the west. Follow along as Randy explains how you get your name in the hat!

  • "I Shot Right Over The Back" - Pivot Point New Mexico Elk

    Randy explains what the pivot point is for this New Mexico elk hunt with his uncle Mike.

  • Fresh Tracks – Season 10 – Watch The Whole Season Now!

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    Leupold's Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes viewers along with America's most dedicated public land hunter. On public lands, weather seldom cooperates and often times the animals win. Always a story to be told; man versus himself, wildlife conservation, public land advocacy, all through the e...

  • 2022 Nevada Pronghorn With Matthew

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