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  • 2022 Montana Bear Hunts

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    All of the 2022 Montana Day-by-Day spring bear hunts!

  • 53 Beavers in 5 Days

    Randy heads to Big Falls to go trapping with his two childhood friends. Non-residents cannot trap in Minnesota, so Randy tags along with a camera and films the whole process. This is what Randy grew up doing, and what eventually led him to be a hunter. Follow Randy and the boys as they spend a we...

  • The Kentucky Elk Expansion – A RMEF Film

    In December of 1997, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources released the first elk to the Southern Appalachian Coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. Over the next 25 years, a total of 1,540 relocated elk thrived to become the largest U.S. Elk Herd east of the Rocky Mountain.

    In January of...

  • HUGE Arizona Habitat Restoration Project

    Arizona boasts some of the best hunting in all of the west. Through multiple factors, there's been an explosion of Pinion-Juniper and it's taking a toll on the native grass species that deer, elk, and antelope depend on. Arizona Game and Fish along with other NGO's are working collaboratively to ...