Montana Rifle Opener

Montana Rifle Opener

The Fresh Tracks crew is out for the opening week of rifle season. Two backcountry bulls get a ride home on some stock, and our good friend Jim Baichtail is in town with an elk tag in his pocket and a wife in need of elk meat!

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Montana Rifle Opener
  • Opening Morning Bull! | Montana Rifle Opener

    Opening day can be pretty magical. Follow along as Dale and his buddy Branden hike deep into Montana's backcountry in search of a general season public land bull elk.

  • The Elk Are Where You Find 'em | Montana Rifle Opener

    Marcus, Rocky, and Kara are heading into the backcountry for the opening weekend of Montana's rifle season. The crew, like most of you, face plenty of challenges on this public land elk hunt. Follow along as they attempt to overcome these obstacles and harvest a bull elk!

  • The Quickest Elk Hunt We've Ever Filmed | Montana Rifle Opener

    You've probably seen Jim Baichtal on the show before. Usually, it's deep in the bush of Southeast Alaska with his traditional black powder rifle. In this episode, he's trading the Hawken for a Howa and looking for any elk that is in his way. This is the quickest elk hunt we have ever filmed...