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  • How to Apply For Hunts in Idaho | 2024 Application Changes & Updates

    Randy Newberg gives the scoop on how to apply for the BIG 3 and Deer, Elk, and Pronghorn tags in Idaho. He also explains some of the changes that might impact your big game hunting applications in Idaho.

  • Late Season Elk Pack Dump

    Randy Newberg shows everything that is his hunting pack for a late-season elk hunt!

  • What Creates Hunting Culture? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 71)

    This week, we’re discussing what creates hunting culture and how it changes over time and by region.

    This week, we have just a few headlines, including a bill that, if voters approve it, could impose an additional tax on firearms and ammunition in Colorado.

    Boulder County implemented a hunting ...

  • 2024 Utah Application Strategy

    Utah offers some of the best western big-game hunting opportunities for those willing to wait a long time to draw a tag. Follow along as Randy breaks how his big game application process for Utah!

  • Taking Away Public Ownership of Fish And Wildlife? |Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep. (70)

    This week, we’re talking about how there’s a potential threat to the public’s ownership of fish and wildlife as the Georgia Legislature passed a bill that stripped language from a law that had to do with the public trust doctrine.

    A few news stories that we also cover include;

    The Alaska Govern...

  • What Are The Biggest Threats to Public Land Hunting?

    Randy, Marcus, Michael, and Jace sit down to discuss the biggest threats to public land hunting.

  • Suing the Feds for Profit | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 69)

    This week, we are discussing how non-profits will sue federal agencies to stop them from managing land and how they use the Equal Access to Justice Act to profit from the lawsuits.

    Also, a few headlines we found interesting include;

    In Washington, the push to restore grizzly bears in the North...

  • Randy Reacts | Rifle Cartridges for Elk Hunting

    Randy talks about all the elk hunting cartridges you guys said you used and his opinions on them!

  • Arizona Cancels Auction Tags | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 68)

    This week, we discuss how the Arizona Game and Fish Commission just voted to cancel its auction permits, which had previously raised millions of dollars for conservation.

    In addition to that, we touch on a few headlines and legislative updates.

    In Montana, a bill from the last legislative sessi...

  • BIG OTC Changes in Colorado THIS YEAR! | CO Application Strategy

    Randy Newberg explains everything you need to know to apply for big game hunting tags in Colorado this year as a non-resident. There are many changes this year regarding over-the-counter hunting opportunities for non-residents in Colorado!

  • Randy's Dumbest Elk Hunting Mistakes

    Randy explains 5 of his biggest elk-hunting mistakes.

  • Putting More Sheep on the Mountain | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 67)

    This week, we are discussing putting more animals on the mountain, with bighorn sheep in Montana as the main example. We will also briefly cover the following headlines.

    In Kentucky, a bill has passed out of Committee and to the Senate that could have significant consequences for the Kentucky De...

  • How to Apply For Hunts in Montana | 2024 Application Changes & Updates

    Randy Newberg explains how to apply for elk and deer tags in Montana as a non-resident in 2024. He also explains some of the changes made this year that might impact your big game hunting applications in Montana.

  • Truck Camping in Frigid Temperatures | How to Stay Warm

    Heater -
    Step -
    Hose -
    Hand Clamps -
    Hole Saw Bit -
    Clamp on Cord 12v -
    Dakota Lithium Power Box -
    Jackery -

  • How to Load a Pack!

    Marcus Hockett explains how he loads a pack with meat!

  • Screwing Over the Non-Resident Hunter | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 66)

    This week we are talking about screwing over the Non-resident hunter, how multiple states are adopting regulations that restrict numbers, restrict access, or raise prices for non-residents… along with a few news stories which include;

    In Montana, Fish Wildlife and Parks plans to give out a free ...

  • New Mexico Application Strategy

    Randy explains everything you need to know about applying for big game hunts in New Mexico!

  • Don't Watch This Video! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 65)

    This week, we are discussing YouTube and social media, why certain hunting content rises to the top, and why certain things come across your individual feed.

    We also have a few news stories to cover, including:

    In Wyoming, a bill is currently making its way through the state House of Representa...

  • Gear For an Arizona Coues Deer Hunt

    Randy discusses some essential gear items for a Coues deer hunt down south!

    Platypus Big Zip Evo -
    NOSLER 140grain ACCUBOND 7mm-08
    Mystery Ranch Metcalf -
    Leupold Tripod - ...

  • DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? | Backcountry Elk Hunting

    Randy, Jace, and the Gerber crew are heading out on opening morning and get a few days of hunting in before bad weather forces them out of the mountains!

  • Hunting Elk with LLAMAS! | Backcountry Elk Hunting!

    It's opening weekend, and Randy, Jace, and the Gerber crew head into the backcountry to scout for a bull to target on opening day!

  • Wild Game Flavors | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 64)

    This week, we have a special guest, Kara Landolfi, and we will discuss some misconceptions about wild game meat.

    In addition to that, we have a few news stories we found interesting.

    In Idaho, a bill was recently introduced that would allow outfitters to purchase an additional bighorn sheep, m...

  • Waterfowl BOUDIN! Kill, Clean & Cook

    Blakes takes us on a waterfowl hunt and then explains how he uses his waterfowl meat to make a southern delicacy.