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  • Wyoming Deer & Pronghorn Application Strategy

    Wyoming is one of those states that you will eventually want to hunt. It boasts some of the best deer and pronghorn hunting in the states! In this video, Randy breaks down how to apply for deer and pronghorn in Wyoming.

  • Venison Enchiladas with David - Fresh Snacks

    David is our lead editor here at Fresh Tracks. He's also pretty new to hunting, but over the past two years he's harvested two deer during the Montana rifle season. This year he got his first buck! Today he's making venison Enchiladas with that buck!

  • Trapping Instruction Videos

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    This collection is designed to help people get a start in trapping.

  • Corner Crossing Legal?! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 13)

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    The Fresh Tracks crew was spread out all over last week. We get Randy Newberg's beaver trapping report, Dale Evan's turkey hunting report, and Michael Parente's fishing report.

    We touch on a few headlines including the passage of the MAPLand Act, the Forest Ser...

  • Off The Tracks - Behind The Scenes (Ep.1)

    We’ve got a brand new series for you! We like to call it Off the Tracks. It gives our audience a look inside of the Fresh Tracks office, and some of the shenanigans that happen on a weekly basis here. In this episode, the crew is setting up the studio, mounting a new TV, and Randy finally gets a...

  • Turkeys, Bears and Blizzards | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 12)

    This week we recap some turkey hunts, Michael Parente shares the fishing report, and we get a sneak peak on Randy's trip back to Minnesota where he is currently filming his friend on a beaver trapping expedition.

    We touch on the recent denial of the petition to ban black bear hunting in Californ...

  • Fresh Snacks! | Bear Meatloaf with Jonathan

    Jonathan harvested his first black bear last year! Today he makes bear meatloaf for the office! What will it score? Tune in to find out!

  • Lessons Learned | Montana Elk with Randy & Michael

    Follow along as Randy and Michael talk about the lessons they learned while archery elk hunting this past year in Montana!

  • Nevada Application Strategy for 2022

    Randy Newberg explains how you can have a chance to hunt in Nevada for 2022! Nevada has some of the best hunting in all of the west. Getting a tag, well, thats the hard part. The good thing is, if you apply, there's always a chance to get a tag!

  • Millions of Acres Closed to Hunting in Alaska | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 11)

    Marcus is back from a week of a vacationing and chasing turkeys with his dad. Michael is up to 56 days of fishing now and this week's office lunch consists of carnita style turkey tacos.

    A few news headlines include desert bighorn predation via mountain lions potentially being affected by fire...

  • Ask Me Anything Part 2! - Tax Edition

    Randy answers your questions from social media. This one is all about tax advice!

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Shepherd's Pie with Dale

    Who doesn't love shepherd's pie? This week Dale cooks something that he's never done before. Check it out and see what the Fresh Track Crew thinks!

  • Moose, Goat, and Sheep Application For Montana & Idaho

    Everyone wants to hunt moose, mountain goats, and sheep! Here's your chance to have an opportunity to do that. Montana and Idaho allow non-residents to hunt for the "Big 3" unguided and at a much lower cost compared to going on a guided hunt. While the chances of getting a tag are extremely low, ...

  • Ask Me Anything! - Tax Edition

    Randy answers your questions about taxes and anything else!

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Elk Chili with Michael

    It's the second week of our new series! Every week someone makes a "Fresh Snack" to share with everyone in the office. This week, Michael makes elk chili from the bull he shot in 2020. Randy gives the review. Lets see what it scores!

  • Invasive Species Everywhere | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 10)

    This week Marcus did some wildlife watching. Matthew caught a chinook salmon on the Oregon coast. Dale, Randy and Beau helped out with a new project that Warriors and Quiet Waters has going on teaching combat veterans how to archery elk hunt.

    We talk about Beau's new Divide Series Tents, the no-...

  • FRESH SNACKS! - Elk Stew with Marcus

    Every week someone in the office is in charge of making a "Fresh Snack". To kick things off, Marcus makes a hearty bull elk stew from the elk he harvested in 2019.

  • Lessons Learned | Wyoming Pronghorn

    Randy has hunted Wyoming pronghorn many times over the years. This past hunting season he joined his friend Mason who was the tag holder. Randy explains the lessons he learned on this hunt.

  • We Have $900 Million to Spend! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 9)

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    Check out the LWCF interactive map here:

    Happy April Everyone! It's starting to look like spring and the crew is getting excited! Shed antler hunting, buying a "new" jet boat and razor clamming were on the docket this week.

    We ...

  • HUGE Arizona Habitat Restoration Project

    Arizona boasts some of the best hunting in all of the west. Through multiple factors, there's been an explosion of Pinion-Juniper and it's taking a toll on the native grass species that deer, elk, and antelope depend on. Arizona Game and Fish along with other NGO's are working collaboratively to ...

  • Banning Bear Hunting | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep. 8

    In this episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly, Marcus breaks down recent sportsman news and what's been going on around the office. He also talks with Jonathan about the recent banning of black bear hunting in the state of Washington.

  • Montana Deer & Elk Application Strategy

    Montana wen't under some changes in 2022. So make sure you read the regulations before applying for a non resident tag and applying for special permits.

  • The Kentucky Elk Expansion – A RMEF Film

    In December of 1997, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources released the first elk to the Southern Appalachian Coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. Over the next 25 years, a total of 1,540 relocated elk thrived to become the largest U.S. Elk Herd east of the Rocky Mountain.

    In January of...

  • How to Make More Elk | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 7)

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    We have a few Fresh Tracks crew updates as well as some recent changes on hunting related bills. Randy and Marcus dive deep into good news, talking about some animal trap and transplant stories that shaped the current status of how we have abundant wildlife thr...