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  • "Clean" Public Land Energy | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 29)

    This week we catch up with Michael on some sub-zero temp fishing reports.

    Oregon is trying to amend its constitution to include the right to hunt and fish, which would make them the 24th state to do so if successful.

    The boundary waters recently received protections from hard rock mine leasing ...

  • We Love These Tents!

    Randy Newberg and Beau Baty talk about the new tents that Beau has developed over years spent in the backcountry!

  • Late Season Montana Goose Hunting

    The crew takes to the field for a late-season goose hunt on public land! Paul, Blake and Jace brave frigid waters to access public land and get into a pile of Canada honkers. When they return, they cook up a hearty batch of biscuits and smoked-goose gravy.

  • Cows with Collars, Wild Pigs in MT? & Talking Elk | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 28)

    Short episode this week with Michael and Randy out of the office. Just a few news segments to recap.

    Legislation in Kansas to provide free deer tags and defund the game and fish.

    The roadless rule has been restored on the Tongass National forest in Alaska, what does this mean for wildlife and ...

  • Rifle Elk Hunting with Randy Newberg - Chapter 1

    Go to and use promo code; RANDY for 20% off!

  • 2023 Arizona Elk and Pronghorn Application Strategy

    Elk hunting in Arizona is pretty epic! Come along as Randy explains how and why you should apply for Arizona elk and pronghorn in 2023!

  • Bull Elk at 2 YARDS | Pivot Point

    Randy explains what the pivot point was from this throwback elk hunt!

  • Legalize Corner Crossing? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 27)

    We start with a recap from the weekend's chukar hunt where some tasty, cheat grass-filled, non-native upland birds were chased down by a bird dog in the cliffs.

    We hear from Michael's fishing corner where we hear about the new rod he just broke.

    News segments include three grizzly bears that c...

  • How To Apply For Wyoming Elk - 2023 Changes for Wyoming

    There are a few changes for 2023 in Wyoming. Check out this video to learn how to apply for elk in Wyoming!

  • Uncut Montana Elk Chaos

    A throwback from the archives!

  • Pivot Point | Montana Archery Elk

    Every hunt has a pivot point! Randy explains the pivotal moment in his 2012 Montana archery elk hunt!

    Link to hunt -

  • Media Has Ruined Hunting | Fresh Traks Weekly (Ep. 26)

    This week we talk about a recently published study looking at the Greater Yellowstone Elk Herd and how much they rely on private land in the winter. Much of the land they utilize in the winter is still unprotected.

    Conservation easements have recently seen pushback over concerns of land being f...

  • Pivot Point - 2016 Colorado Elk

    Randy talks about the pivotal moment in his 2016 Colorado elk hunt!

  • Solving The Point Crisis

    Randy Newberg has some ideas on how to get rid of point creep.

  • We're Back! | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep. 25

    A Legislative storm of fish and wildlife-related bills are being drafted in Montana and likely in your state as well. Randy gives us a preview of what's to come in Montana in one of the segments of Fresh Tracks Weekly. Hopefully we can get a weekly update as both good and bad bills are brought fo...

  • How To Know What Roads Are Open

    If you've ever wondered how to know what roads are open or closed in the areas you are hunting Randy explains how to find out!

  • How to Gut A Pronghorn

    Randy gets an opportunity to gut a pronghorn. Follow along as he shows you his steps to get the guts out and the meat cooled down!

  • Colorado Buck Down!

    After a few days exploring his deer unit in Colorado, Jace finally finds a buck that he's willing to take!

  • Deer Everywhere! | Colorado Deer with Jace

    Jace drew a 4th season deer tag in Colorado! He's joined by his now fiance Chloe and their dog Angus! When they arrive in the unit they are greeted by a ton of deer and things are looking up for the duo. Follow along as Jace, Chloe, and Angus hit the public lands of Colorado in search of a mature...

  • Hunting in Freezing Temps | Montana Crew Deer Hunt (EP.2)

    After a successful hunt, the Fresh Tracks Crew is back at it trying to find a buck for our chief editor to take home. The weather is not in their favor, but they are doing all they can to try to make something happen.

  • Things You Need to Know Before Applying in Alaska

    Randy explains how everything works when you're applying for big game hunts in Alaska as a non-resident. Alaska is a fantastic place to find adventure! When you're planning your 2023 hunting season, Alaska is always a good option!

  • Late Season Clothing System to Stay WARM!

    Randy Newberg explains his late-season clothing system and how to stay warm on late-season hunts.

  • Key Changes | 2023 Western Big Game Applications

    Randy talks about some changes to look out for when deciding on your 2023 western big game hunt application choices! Burn your points and go hunting in 2023!

  • Buck Down! | Montana Deer with Fresh Tracks Crew (EP.1)

    Michael, Jace, David, and Paul all meet up for the first Fresh Tracks crew deer hunt! The forecast doesn't look great, but the boys get after it and Michael is rewarded with a nice buck!