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  • Deer Quest - Latest Fresh Tracks Episode

    Dale gets lucky and finds himself winning a leftover deer tag in Nevada. With rifle in hand, he searches for that "next caliber" buck.

  • Getting it Right

    The Batys are in Idaho with the goal of getting Kristin's first elk ever. Kirstin overcomes an old injury. Beau does whatever it takes to see a successful hunt.

  • A Personal Journey

    Marcus and Kara archery hunt elk in the mountains of Montana. They reflect on Kara's journey from vegan to hunter.

  • A Plethora of Pronghorn

    Randy and Mason meet up in Wyoming to hunt Pronghorn. With the animals in no short supply, mason zeroes in on he can't pass up on.

  • How to Find Late Season Elk on Public Land!

    Everyone knows that the hardest part of harvesting an elk is finding an elk. On heavily pressured public land, this couldn't be more true. The late season is arguably the hardest timeframe to find bull elk, in this video, Randy Newberg explains how he e-scouts the late season to find bull elk.


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  • E-Scouting Rutting Bull Elk - How to Find The Food

    Randy Newberg explains how to locate rutting bull elk. E-scouting can help you fill your tag this year! In this video, you will learn why the pre-rut, peak rut, and post-runt are all based on food. Do you want to find a big bull elk? They are going to be where the cows are. Where are the cows dur...

  • Good Stories

    With bow in hand, power couple Marcus and Kara are ready to harvest an Arizona elk. Despite battling heat, steep terrain, and hazardous foliage, there is never a shortage of fun... and elk.

  • Saying Yes To Now

    Marcus finds himself with two turn-back tags: a Nevada deer hunt and a Wyoming Elk Hunt. He reflects on what it means to take the opportunities that come his way.

  • Last Episode... It's Hunting Season | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 24)

    This is the last episode for the foreseeable future. Hunting season is starting for us and we won't have time for the weekly show. We catch up with Michael in the Ohio edition of the fishing corner and jump into a few news items. The Center for Biological Diversity along with some other animal we...

  • How to E-Scout ELK on PUBLIC LAND (PT.1)

    Randy Newberg breaks down the basics of e-scouting public land bull elk. In the first video, randy talks about the tools he uses to e-scout.

  • Elk Country Chronicle

    The boys travel into the depths of Montana for an archery elk adventure. Marcus comes down with a bug. Meanwhile, Beau has a close encounter.

  • Wolves are Wolves | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 22)

    It's a busy week for the crew, finishing up edits from last season while prepping for the next hunting season.

    Wolves being the charismatic megafauna that they are often pop up in national news feeds along with many hunting related news feeds. The reason they gain so much attention is often for ...

  • Words of Wisdom

    Michael goes on a hunt with mentor Randy to find some elk on Montana public land. Michael gets a surprise opportunity. Randy gives some valuable lessons.

  • Turkey Leg Carnitas with Marcus - Fresh Snacks!

    This week, Marcus cooks turkey leg carnitas for the Fresh Tracks office!

  • Opportunity or Trophy Elk? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 21)

    This week we have a crew update, saying farewell and good luck to several employees. We have a sneak peak in to the recent AnyFin Goes episodes currently in production. We touch on the draft wold management plan that Minnesota has put out for public comment, talking about the thin line Departmen...

  • Wild Turkey Nuggets with Dale - Fresh Snacks!

    Dale cooks wild turkey nuggets for the fresh tracks crew from the turkey he shot this spring. Follow along for some delicious nuggets!

  • 2021 Arizona Archery Elk with Marcus - Lessons Learned

    Marcus explains the lessons he learned while he was on a late-season archery elk hunt in Arizona! Follow along and learn from Marcus's mistakes!

  • Finishing The Studio and Flying Drones in The Office - OTT Episode 3

    The crew is finishing the studio build. Randy catches employees standing around, and a drone is being flown in the office.

  • Antelope Meatball Subs with Michael - Fresh Snacks!

    Today on Fresh Snacks, Michael makes meatball subs for the fresh tracks office!

  • Canceling Conservation? | Fresh Tracks Weekly Ep 20

    This week we get the crew fishing update from the 4th of July weekend.
    We learn about the funding of the Northern Plains Grassland Project and talk about where the money comes from. We look into the current status of wildfires throughout the United States this summer and ponder the potential cons...

  • Opening Day Montana Elk - Lessons Learned

    Marcus discusses the lessons he learned while hunting elk with his good friend on the rifle opener!

  • Mountain Lion Tacos with Dale - Fresh Snacks!

    Dale harvested his first mountain lion and is cooking tacos for the crew! Follow along as Dale takes you through the steps of making the cat editable!