Nevada Archery Mule Deer

Nevada Archery Mule Deer

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Nevada Archery Mule Deer
  • We're Gonna Give 'Er The Sauce | Nevada Archery Mule Deer (EP. 3)

    In episode 3 of this Nevada archery deer hunt, Randy and Scott fill up their flat tire with air before heading out to a glassing knob for the morning. The smoke is thick, but they are able to locate 5 bucks across the drainage. After losing sight of them, they decide to move locations to get eyes...

  • Another Day Another Deer | Nevada Archery Mule Deer (EP. 2)

    In part 2 of this nevada archery mule deer hunt, Randy and Scott Jones continue to search for a public land buck to stalk. They start the day with having to fix a low tire, which gives them a late start. Another hunter beats them to their glassing knob.

    They decide to load up their packs a...

  • My FIRST Hunt Of The Season | Nevada Archery Mule Deer (EP. 1)

    Randy drew an archery mule deer tag in Nevada, and per usual he links up with longtime friend Scott Jones. They establish a basecamp that they can hunt from and explore the surrounding area. They then head up a road that Scott couldn't make up with his ATV, but is convinced Randy can in his Ford ...