Nevada Pronghorn

Nevada Pronghorn

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Nevada Pronghorn
  • Public Land Pronghorn | Nevada Pronghorn (EP. 3)

    In episode 3 of this Nevada Pronghorn hunt, Randy starts the day explaining his real thoughts about hunting with camera guys over your shoulder. After his morning banter he heads out at first light to get a little rise where he hopes that the pronghorn will cross by near.

    He is able to glass up ...

  • I'm So Disappointed In Myself | Nevada Pronghorn (EP. 2)

    Randy is up early with a new plan to try and get on one of the two big bucks that he chased yesterday. His decides to try going in from a different approach hoping there is still hunting pressure to push the antelope to where Randy anticipates.

    He is glassing on the spotting scope at first ligh...

  • I've Never Shot A Buck That Pretty | Nevada Pronghorn (EP. 1)

    Randy Newberg continues the beginning of his hunting season by switching from chasing mule deer with a bow to chasing pronghorn with a rifle. He didn't know if he would be hunting pronghorn this year, but was able to pick up a landowner permit and will be hunting the public lands of that area.