New Mexico Elk

New Mexico Elk

Every year we do a sweepstakes hunt, or "Win a Hunt With Randy". In 2019 Sean Flannery won and is finally cashing in on his prize! Follow along as Randy, Sean, and Carraig explore the public lands of New Mexico in search of Seans first elk!

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New Mexico Elk
  • Time to Find em' | New Mexico Elk Sweepstakes

    Sean won our 2019 Sweepstakes hunt and is finally cashing in on that hunt. Randy heads to New Mexico to meet up with Sean and his son Carraig. The boys set camp up, get some rest, and are up at day break to find a bull elk for opening day!

  • SO CLOSE on Opening Day! | New Mexico Elk Sweepstakes

    The guys head out early with high hopes of intercepting elk being pressured by other hunters on opening day. After having a rough go in the morning, they head back out for an afternoon hunt and spot a nice bull elk!

  • Two Bulls Down Below! | New Mexico Elk Sweepstakes

    Today the guys are heading back into the area where they saw a bull the previous evening. Right away they are in the elk. Will they get a crack at the nice 6x6?

  • FIRST BULL ELK! | New Mexico Elk Sweepstakes

    There's a storm coming, and it's time to get serious. Randy and the guys head out on a mission to get Seans tag attached some bull elk antlers. It didn't take them long before they lay eyes on a nice bull! Follow along as Sean harvest his first bull elk!

  • Late Season Elk Glassing Tips | Find More Elk

    Having a glassing strategy can greatly improve your effectiveness in locating the animal you are seasoning. Randy explains his approach for glassing late season elk.