Off The Tracks

Off The Tracks

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Off The Tracks
  • Finishing The Studio and Flying Drones in The Office - OTT Episode 3

    The crew is finishing the studio build. Randy catches employees standing around, and a drone is being flown in the office.

  • What Happens When Randy is Gone - OFF THE TRACKS

    On this episode of OFF THE TRACKS, the crew picks 3 snacks and one drink for long hunting road trips. We make room for some new taxidermy. And get back adjustments.

  • Off The Tracks - Behind The Scenes (Ep.1)

    We’ve got a brand new series for you! We like to call it Off the Tracks. It gives our audience a look inside of the Fresh Tracks office, and some of the shenanigans that happen on a weekly basis here. In this episode, the crew is setting up the studio, mounting a new TV, and Randy finally gets a...