Our Favorite Videos!

Here is a playlist of our favorite videos!

  • Rain Deer – A Sitka Blacktail Story

    Biologist, Sophie Gilbert, shares her story of researching the little known Sitka black-tailed deer living on the rainy islands of SE Alaska. Finding help through a local hunter, Jim Baichtal, Sophie learns more about the deer, culture and hunting. Intrigued by hunting for herself, Sophie teams u...

  • Finding Peace on the Prairie | Nevada Pronghorn with Ray White

    Randy wears a multi-colored paracord bracelet. The black represents those no longer with us, red for those wounded in action and green for those still serving. Ray White made the bracelet using material from kits used to pull IEDs in Afghanistan. After retirement Ray faced inner battles and found...

  • Colorado Rifle Elk, 19 Years of Trying

    Randy shows why you should not shoot an elk in some places they live. Toasty November temps have bulls in deep dark canyons. Randy is dumb enough to shoot one down there and pasy the price for doing so.

  • Alaska Dall Sheep - A 40 Year Dream

    Randy Newberg has been dreaming of hunting sheep for 40 years. Randy and cameraman, Marcus Hockett, have Dall sheep tags in ruggedly beautiful Alaska. With ten days to hunt they will trek these rugged mountains in search of two legal rams and fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

  • Where are All the Migrating Elk?

    Marcus and Michael are back hunting together. This year they are in Southern Idaho, hunting a "glory tag". The problem is, this "glory tag" is based on migrating elk, and if the elk aren't migrating there might not be much to find. The guys definitely struggle to locate any elk early in the hunt,...

  • Wyoming Rifle Elk With Matthew

    Every year, Randy Newberg and his son Matthew carve out time in their schedules to hunt together. This season Matthew drew a Wyoming elk tag with his great uncle Larry, but due to medical reasons Larry wasn’t able to join. Joined by friend Buzz Hettick, they explore the public lands of Wyoming ...

  • Migrating Mulies | Wyoming Mule Deer

    Mountain mule deer making their treacherous journey across Wyoming to their winter range has always intrigued Randy. This year Randy was lucky enough to draw a tag along this migration route. Making new friends along the way, Randy searches high and low in subzero temperatures for a worthy buck, ...

  • Kirstin's First BULL ELK | Baty Family Elk Hunt (EP.2)

    After a morning of being fogged in, Kristin and Beau find a herd of elk and make a move on them. After making a quick stalk, Kirstin gets a chance to harvest her first bull elk! Follow along as Kirsten and Beau explore the public lands of Idaho and make memories they will never forget!

  • Fresh Tracks: Season 1, Episode 5 - Montana Elk

    Randy's excitement for this hunt is at an all-time high. His son, Matthew, has returned to Montana to share a week long elk camp on the isolated land locked BLM of Central Montana. Days of hiking and hunting provide no elk. Yet, when they find 'em, they find 'em. A Montana Two-fer has the Newberg...