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  • What Happend to Your Hair? | Shop Stories

    Randy tells the story of when he moved his in-laws stuff across the country and how that trip has translated into unlimited hunting privileges from his wife!

  • Death By Dysentery (A Tragic New Mexico Elk Hunt)

    In this episode of SHOP STORIES, Randy Newberg takes us back to an old New Mexico archery elk hunt that never aired on television. There are plenty of reasons why it didn't make the cut for TV, which Randy goes into more detail about.

    From an overprotective resident sticking nails into the sidew...

  • Alaska Moose Hunt Gone Wrong (Behind The Scenes)

    In 2012 Randy Newberg embarked on a dream hunt with his friend Jerry Pritchard to chase Alaska moose along the Kateel River. As the trip went on, this dream hunt quickly turned into a nightmare.

    In this behind the scenes episode, Randy takes you through all of the stories that didn't make the p...

  • Hard-Knock Physics Lessons For Hunting

    In this shop story, Randy Newberg takes a step back into the past and shares how he learned physics at a young age growing up in the small logging town of Big Falls, Minnesota. While returning from a fishing trip with his wife, Randy began sharing some of these stories with his wife which led the...