Fresh Tracks Weekly

Fresh Tracks Weekly

The "Morning Show" is a new series where we give a weekly update and share any news that we find intriguing as hunters. This week we are releasing some exciting content and talking about where'd the science go within the world of wildlife management.

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Fresh Tracks Weekly
  • MORE Predators on the Landscape in Colorado? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 55)

    On this week's episode, we recap our crew's hunting season and jump into some news surrounding Colorado predators.

    Backcountry BC and Ceasar Lake Outfitters

    Randy's British Columbia Caribou & Moose


  • Funding for Hunter Ed, Winchester Dam and Moose! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 54)

    On this week's episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly, Michael subs in for Marcus and Randy. Randy shares an update from the field, Michael reports on Hunter Ed. funds and the Winchester Dam. For our Deeper Dive, Marcus and friends share their experiences as non-residents hunting in Alaska.

  • Staying Safe while Hunting in Grizzly Country | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 53)

    Hunting Season is upon us! On this week's episode, we cover on Oregon's IP3, the re-opening of Swan Lake National Wildlife Refugee, and House Bill 1300 in Pennsylvania. Also, Randy and Michael give us an update on their Idaho Elk hunt and we jump into our deeper dive topic of hunting in grizzly...

  • Grizzlies in Montana | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 50)

    This week we’re going to do a deeper dive on Grizzly Bears. Talk about recent attacks and the increasing frequency we’ve been running into them.

    In Nevada, feral horses are in the headlines again after animal advocacy groups are mad about the conditions in which horses are gathered on public lan...

  • Elk Management in MT | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 49)

    Comment on the Draft MT Elk Management Plan:

    Handmade Leather Goods

    This week we’ve got a little news, but then we’re diving into Montana’s Elk Management plan and Randy tells us how to get inv...

  • How to Save Pronghorn | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 48)

    This week we’re diving deep into migration barriers, some new science is coming out showing how to identify migration barriers and how removing old fences can make a big difference.

    But before we get into that we get a little update on some Montana fishing, everything from cutthroat to largemout...

  • Hunters Not Needed? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 46)

    We have a quick recap of some weekend bighorn sheep scouting which is proving to be a fun but tough experience.

    A few news headlines including the Nevada's latest reports on the decline of mule deer and bighorn sheep.

    Chronic wasting disease has now been confirmed in a road killed deer in Flor...

  • Sheep Scouting, Bear Hunting and Dog Training | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 45)

    This week for the deeper dive we talk a little bighorn sheep scouting, hear about Michael and Jace's recent bear hunt and Blake's progress on bird dog training.

    Michael also gives us the lowdown in the fishing corner recapping a little walleye outing along with improving trout conditions.

    For ...

  • Randy Leasing an Oil Well? | Fresh Tracks Weekly EP.44

    This week we’re talking about a few recent headlines concerning public land and public access.

    We give a quick update from a weekend of paddlefish fishing along with picking up a few catfish.

    For news we have updates on the Wyoming corner crossing case and how Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks ...

  • Bear Camp Update From Alaska and More! Fresh Tracks Weekly EP.42

    Michael is subbing in for Marcus this week. Follow along as we get an update from Marcus and Randy. Hear about some outdoor news, and learn a thing or two about how to catch fish during spring runoff!

  • Bison Ruining a Way of Life? American Prairie vs UPOM | FT Weekly (Ep. 23)

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    RMEF Films Minam Project

    Another busy week for the Fresh Tracks crew as we gear up for the upcoming season.

    Michael has been getting some incredible dry fly action fishing the last couple weeks and fills us in over at the fishing corn...

  • Wolves are Wolves | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 22)

    It's a busy week for the crew, finishing up edits from last season while prepping for the next hunting season.

    Wolves being the charismatic megafauna that they are often pop up in national news feeds along with many hunting related news feeds. The reason they gain so much attention is often for ...

  • Corner Crossing Legal?! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 13)

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    The Fresh Tracks crew was spread out all over last week. We get Randy Newberg's beaver trapping report, Dale Evan's turkey hunting report, and Michael Parente's fishing report.

    We touch on a few headlines including the passage of the MAPLand Act, the Forest Ser...

  • Turkeys, Bears and Blizzards | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 12)

    This week we recap some turkey hunts, Michael Parente shares the fishing report, and we get a sneak peak on Randy's trip back to Minnesota where he is currently filming his friend on a beaver trapping expedition.

    We touch on the recent denial of the petition to ban black bear hunting in Californ...

  • We Have $900 Million to Spend! | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 9)

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    Check out the LWCF interactive map here:

    Happy April Everyone! It's starting to look like spring and the crew is getting excited! Shed antler hunting, buying a "new" jet boat and razor clamming were on the docket this week.

    We ...

  • How to Make More Elk | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 7)

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    We have a few Fresh Tracks crew updates as well as some recent changes on hunting related bills. Randy and Marcus dive deep into good news, talking about some animal trap and transplant stories that shaped the current status of how we have abundant wildlife thr...

  • Farming for Sage-grouse | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 6)

    Randy is out of the office this week so we have a fill in guest, Paul Kemper to talk about sage-grouse farming in Wyoming and the legislative process. Marcus tells the story of the recent lake trout fishing trip, the crew eats some fresh snacks and more!

  • Should Selling Antlers be Illegal? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 5)

    This week the Fresh Tracks crew was out making another episode of Any Fin Goes, Marcus put together the fifth episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly while out on the hard water. He's sharing a few recent news headlines and giving you all the updates on some of the things we have going on around the offic...

  • Less Big Bucks = Less CWD? | Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep. 4)

    This week the Fresh Tracks crew was a bit spread out across the west but we still managed to whip together the fourth episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly relaying a few recent headlines and giving updates on some of the fun things we got to do.

    For their deeper dive Randy and Marcus discuss Chronic W...

  • Fresh Tracks Weekly - Wolves are Cuddly (Ep.3)

    Marcus and Randy discuss the recent re-listing of Grey wolves under the Endangered Species Act. Marcus runs through conservation and sportsman's issues and gives us an update on upcoming content.

  • Fresh Tracks Weekly - Bulls For Billionaires (Ep.2)

    The second ever episode of Fresh Tracks Weekly! This week we catch up with the crew and see what's going on in the office. We hear some feel good news stories from the elk woods and touch on some headlines that may affect you as a hunter.

    Marcus and Randy dive deep into the Public Trust Doctrine...

  • Where'd The SCIENCE Go!? - Fresh Tracks Weekly (Ep.1)

    The "Morning Show" is a new series where we give a weekly update and share any news that we find intriguing as hunters. This week we are releasing some exciting content and talking about where'd the science go within the world of wildlife management.