Wyoming Pronghorn

Wyoming Pronghorn

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Wyoming Pronghorn
  • We Found Funky Fred | Wyoming Pronghorn (DAY 2)

    In day 2 of this Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy and Mason are back at it hoping to locate a mature buck to make good use of his Antelope tag. After fueling up and grabbing some coffee, they hit the local BLM land to do some morning glassing.

    Partway through the morning Mason starts getting excite...

  • Stalk On The First Day | Wyoming Pronghorn (DAY 1)

    In day 1 of this 2021 Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy Newberg is heading south to his favorite place in the world - Rawlins, Wyoming. As a self-proclaimed antelope junkie, Randy is excited to get to look over countless bucks and try to find a nice mature pronghorn for Mason.

    Mason is the tag holde...

  • We Got Him! | Wyoming Pronghorn (DAY 3)

    In day 3 of this 2021 Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy and Mason start the day with donuts and coffee before heading out to find "Funky Fred". The search doesn't take long as the buck is only about 100 yards from where they left him the night prior.

    Mason decides he wants to go after him so they pa...