Application Strategy Videos

  • Hunt Elk, Deer & Pronghorn - Idaho Controlled Hunts 2022

    Idaho offers some spectacular controlled hunt opportunities. Randy talks about what it takes to get your name in the hat for these amazing hunt opportunities.

  • Wyoming Deer & Pronghorn Application Strategy

    Wyoming is one of those states that you will eventually want to hunt. It boasts some of the best deer and pronghorn hunting in the states! In this video, Randy breaks down how to apply for deer and pronghorn in Wyoming.

  • Nevada Application Strategy for 2022

    Randy Newberg explains how you can have a chance to hunt in Nevada for 2022! Nevada has some of the best hunting in all of the west. Getting a tag, well, thats the hard part. The good thing is, if you apply, there's always a chance to get a tag!

  • Moose, Goat, and Sheep Application For Montana & Idaho

    Everyone wants to hunt moose, mountain goats, and sheep! Here's your chance to have an opportunity to do that. Montana and Idaho allow non-residents to hunt for the "Big 3" unguided and at a much lower cost compared to going on a guided hunt. While the chances of getting a tag are extremely low, ...

  • Montana Deer & Elk Application Strategy

    Montana wen't under some changes in 2022. So make sure you read the regulations before applying for a non resident tag and applying for special permits.

  • Colorado Application Strategy - All Species

    Colorado is a great option for non-resident hunters who want to hunt every year. There are over-the-counter options, as well as some special permit areas that offer spectacular hunting options. Randy breaks down what may be best for your hunting plans.

  • 2022 New Mexico Application (All Species)

    Randy keys in on New Mexico that he deems the "land of enchantment". And for good reason, because the state holds numerous high quality public land hunts especially for elk. There isn't a point system, so it is possible to draw a primo tag on your first try. 84% of tags go to residents and of tha...

  • Utah Application Breakdown 2022

    Randy explains everything you need to know about applying for all spices in Utah. Utah is known for some amazing hunting opportunities, however, getting a tag as a non-resident is the tricky part. Is Utah worth applying for? Find out!

  • 2022 Arizona Elk & Pronghorn Application Breakdown

    Randy explains everything you need to know about applying in Arizona for elk and pronghorn. Randy talks about why Arizona is one of the best states for a non-resident to start building an elk application plan in. He also breaks down the pronghorn opportunities in Arizona.

  • Draw Odds Explained!

    Randy explains what draw odds are, are not, and other considerations a nonresident may want to think about this application season. Historical draw odds are the first step in having a good plan. But considering things like other application behavior, drought, unit popularity, and point creep can ...

  • The Best Value for Elk? | Hunt Wyoming in 2022

    Randy Newberg explains how you can draw an elk tag in Wyoming for this fall. He covers the dates to know, an overview of Wyoming's system, and how to get the best possible chance of drawing the tag you want.

    Nonresidents can apply for the regular or the special draw in Wyoming. The state splits ...

  • What the Heck is POINT CREEP?

    Randy Newberg breaks down what point creep is, what causes point creep, and what can accelerate or change the rate of point creep. Randy has been applying in western states for elk, deer, and pronghorn for years and has been dealing with point creep ever since the start of "elaborate point scheme...

  • Best Value States for Elk, Deer & Pronghorn

    Randy explains how he values each state for elk, deer, and pronghorn. He also explains his short, mid, and long-term plans for each species in each state.

  • Hunt Elk on a Budget | $1,200 Elk Application Strategy

    If you don't live in a state where you can buy a resident elk tag, and you want to go elk hunting, the reality is that you will incur some cost. In this video, Randy Newberg explains how a non-resident can go elk hunting on a reasonable budget. You don't have to be a millionaire to go elk hunting...

  • A Truly Wild Experience | Hunt Alaska 2022

    Everyone dreams of hunting in Alaska right? Here's how you can do it. Randy explains the nonresident hunting opportunities in Alaska. Be sure to apply before the December 15th, 2021 5pm ALASKA time!