Pronghorn Hunts

  • Wyoming Pronghorn With Matthew (ep. 2)

    It is day 2 of Matthew's 2022 Wyoming Pronghorn tag. Animals are hiding in seemingly every piece of terrain. Are any of them a day 2 shooter?

  • Wyoming Pronghorn With Matthew (ep.1)

    The boys hit the field and cover a bunch of ground trying to find a buck that Matthew would wrap his tag around!

  • Wyoming Pronghorn

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  • Nevada Pronghorn

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  • First Day Double? | Nevada Antelope with Marcus and Scott Jones

    Marcus continues his Nevada hunting season by switching gears from deer to antelope. Scott Jones happens to have the same tag so they convoy together to see if they can find a couple nice bucks to fill their tags on.

    Scott lives in Nevada and is familiar with the area, so they head to a spot tha...

  • Finding Peace on the Prairie | Nevada Pronghorn with Ray White

    Randy wears a multi-colored paracord bracelet. The black represents those no longer with us, red for those wounded in action and green for those still serving. Ray White made the bracelet using material from kits used to pull IEDs in Afghanistan. After retirement Ray faced inner battles and found...

  • Wyoming Smokepole Pronghorn

    Jim Baichtal has wanted to chase pronghorn with his traditional black powder rifle. When Jim invited Randy to an Alaska hunt, Randy encouraged Jim to apply in Wyoming, with assurance Randy would make sure his calendar allowed for him to join Jim. Lots of big bucks, lots of public land, and great ...

  • Wyoming Pronghorn

    Randy Newberg and his cameraman, Michael Parente are heading to Wyoming in the middle of the pronghorn rut. If you've followed Fresh Tracks long enough you know that Randy is completely obsessed with pronghorn hunting. Follow along as Randy explores the sage flats of central Wyoming in search of ...

  • Nevada Pronghorn - Hunting the Silver State Sage

    Randy is a pronghorn junkie. When his long-time friend, Mike Spitzer, asked Randy to join on his Nevada pronghorn hunt, there was no hesitation to accept that offer. Nevada is home to a surprising number of pronghorn, including many mature bucks. Mike has one buck in mind, a special buck that sho...

  • Foxhole Friends | Arizona Pronghorn with Wade Zarlingo

    Randy promised his good friend Wade Zarlingo that if he ever drew an Arizona antelope tag, Randy would join him for the hunt. After 22 years of waiting, Wade finally drew his tag. Randy and Wade are joined by their good friend Jerry Pritchard as they all chase pronghorn in the high desert heat. W...