Archery Hunts

  • Montana Archery Elk with Marcus & Kara

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    It took 19 years of applications to finally draw this special permit in Montana, and better yet, both Marcus and Kara have tags! Follow along as this dynamic duo hit the hills in search of two mature bulls!

  • Leftover Elk Tag Hunt

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  • Backcountry Elk Hunt

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  • Montana Archery Elk

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  • Montana Archery Elk with Marcus and Kara

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  • Nevada Archery Deer with Marcus

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  • Nevada Archery Mule Deer

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  • The Thrill of Bowhunting | Wyoming Archery Elk with Michael Parente

    While cameraman Michael Parente has elk hunted before, he has yet to be successful. This year he was lucky enough to draw a limited-entry elk hunt in Wyoming. Archery elk hunting presents unique challenges that motivate Michael. Taking his first elk with a bow would fulfill a lifetime dream. He a...

  • Utah Archery Bison

    Randy Newberg has a passion for wild bison. After twenty years, Randy was lucky enough to draw an archery bison tag in the Henry Mountains of Utah. Follow along as Randy chases the largest of free ranging species in North America, with a bow. Along the way, Randy explains how the American bison p...

  • Nevada Mule Deer Dilemma

    Randy joins up with long-time friend, Scott Jones to chase early season mule deer in Nevada. Many public land archers focus on the high country, but Randy takes a new approach, locating and chasing deer in the low country on a private-public land boundary. An unfortunate shot early on in the hunt...

  • New Mexico Archery Elk With Uncle Jimmer

    Randy and his Uncle Jimmer were lucky enough to both draw New Mexico archery elk tags. Randy and Jimmer, though nephew and uncle, have spent their lives more like brothers. This is Jimmer's first archery elk hunt, a great reason to reunite with Randy. Follow along as the guys and their llamas cha...

  • Eastern Colorado Archery Mule Deer

    For years, Fresh Tracks host, Randy Newberg, has driven through this area and promised, "Someday I'm gonna hunt deer here." This hunt is when "someday" finally arrives. With only a short window in his calendar, Randy fulfills the promise he made to himself. And he is very happy he did. Follow alo...

  • Bowhunting High Desert Bucks | Nevada Archery Mule Deer with Michael Wunnicke

    Randy Newberg and Michael Wunnicke from Leupold Optics head to the high desert of Nevada to chase early season mule deer on public lands. It's August and the combination of hot temperatures and archery equipment will produce no shortage of challenges. They glass plenty of bucks; the only problem ...

  • Steep Mountain Bulls | MT Archery Elk w/ Karrson Koivisto and Andrew Gritzbaugh

    Randy is bowhunting with Karrson and Andrew from Gerber Gear. They are searching for bugling bulls in the steep mountains of Montana. They use llamas to go in 7 miles with all of their gear, hoping to find the elk. The terrain is steep, rocky, and covered in thick timber, making the hunting very ...

  • A Bugling Bull Bonanza | Nevada Archery Elk with Scott Jones

    Randy's good friend Scott Jones has been applying for years to hunt these Nevada mountains for big rutting bulls. Scott gathers a group of good friends and they all help in his search for a good bull. They quickly realize that these mountains are rich with bugling bulls, but getting close enough ...

  • Sonoran Smorgasbord | Southern AZ Coues Deer, Javelina, Jackrabbit, and Quail

    An annual trip to Southern Arizona is becoming a Fresh Tracks tradition. Randy and crew join with members of Arizona Game & Fish, The Hunting Public, Hank Shaw, and Sam Soholt to chase Coues deer, Javelina, Mearn's Quail, and Antelope Jackrabbit. After success with many of the small game species,...