Rifle Hunts

  • 2022 Montana Bear Hunts

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    All of the 2022 Montana Day-by-Day spring bear hunts!

  • Father & Son's First Elk Hunt

    "The Land of Enchantment" boasts some of the best public land elk hunting opportunities in North America. This year Randy Newberg is back in one of his favorite spots to hunt bull elk with our 2019 sweepstakes winner. Sean who won this hunt brought his son Carraig along so that he could share thi...

  • Montana Deer Camp

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    In this series, Marcus Hockett and Jonathan Spear, head to eastern Montana to try and fill their general deer tags. The guys are joined by some of Marcus's buddies and it's a full-on deer camp! Follow along as Marcus and Jonathan explore Montana's public lands, chase rutting deer, and enjoy deer ...

  • Idaho Elk with The Baty's

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    Follow along as Beau and his wife Kirstin search the public lands of Idaho in search of Kirstins first bull elk! Over the past couple of years Kirstin has gained an appreciated for hunting and harvesting her own meat. Last year she harvested her first deer, this year her goal is a bull elk! Of co...

  • Leftover Nevada Deer

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    Dale is on the hunt for a mature mule deer buck. Nevada is known to be a big buck state with limited opportunity to hunt. This year Nevada established a way for people to purchase leftover tags. The only caveat is these tags to become available 14 days before the hunt starts. So with little prepa...

  • New Mexico Elk

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    Every year we do a sweepstakes hunt, or "Win a Hunt With Randy". In 2019 Sean Flannery won and is finally cashing in on his prize! Follow along as Randy, Sean, and Carraig explore the public lands of New Mexico in search of Seans first elk!

  • Montana Moose

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  • Wyoming Pronghorn

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  • Nevada Pronghorn

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  • First Day Double? | Nevada Antelope with Marcus and Scott Jones

    Marcus continues his Nevada hunting season by switching gears from deer to antelope. Scott Jones happens to have the same tag so they convoy together to see if they can find a couple nice bucks to fill their tags on.

    Scott lives in Nevada and is familiar with the area, so they head to a spot tha...

  • New Mexico Rifle Elk with Bruce and Tracey Pettet

    Randy is joined by Bruce (CEO of Leopold Optics) and Tracey Pettet. This hunt is when the peak rut is transitioning to the post-rut period. The mature bulls have left the cows and are now seeking their sanctuary locations. Lots of younger bulls are still looking for a late-cycle cow, but the matu...

  • Alaska Black Bear Adventures

    Randy Newberg is back to his favorite bear hunting location; Southeast Alaska. With him is long time friend and hunting partner, Mike Spitzer, and seasoned field producer, Marcus Hockett. This is Mike's first black bear hunt in Alaska and hopefully one to remember.

  • Hunt of a Lifetime | British Columbia Mountain Caribou and Moose

    Hunting Mountain Caribou in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia has been on Randy’s mind since reading a story in a hunting magazine over 40 years ago. As a non-resident, the only legal way to experience the hunt is to go with an outfitter. Finally his dream comes to fruition in an epic a...

  • Alaska Dall Sheep - A 40 Year Dream

    Randy Newberg has been dreaming of hunting sheep for 40 years. Randy and cameraman, Marcus Hockett, have Dall sheep tags in ruggedly beautiful Alaska. With ten days to hunt they will trek these rugged mountains in search of two legal rams and fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

  • Wyoming Elk Hunt

    The Fresh Tracks crew are in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, chasing elk. Along with them on this trip is Beau Baty of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. Randy and the team have two tags to fill, but health and weather concerns put the hunt in jeopardy.

  • Finding Peace on the Prairie | Nevada Pronghorn with Ray White

    Randy wears a multi-colored paracord bracelet. The black represents those no longer with us, red for those wounded in action and green for those still serving. Ray White made the bracelet using material from kits used to pull IEDs in Afghanistan. After retirement Ray faced inner battles and found...

  • Montana Moose Magic

    Randy's son, Matthew Newberg, is the lucky recipient of a Montana moose tag. Time with family, tons of moose and beautiful scenery... this hunt will surely not disappoint!

  • Montana Late Season Elk

    Randy Newberg and Karrson Koivisto of Gerber Gear are hunting the rugged mountains of southwest Montana. It's the second week of the rifle elk season where hunting pressure and unusual weather that can make locating public land bull elk very difficult. The weather is unpredictable, the terrain is...

  • Hunting for Health | Wyoming Elk with Beau Baty

    Our good friend Beau Baty was excited about drawing his first limited-entry elk tag. Unfortunately, life had other plans; Beau was diagnosed with cancer. Instead of returning his tag, Beau used this hunt as motivation to get through the darkest days of his treatment. And that, he did. A rejuvenat...

  • Repaying Favors | New Mexico Elk with Uncle Mike

    Randy’s younger days included hunting with his many uncles. Taking Uncle Mike on a New Mexico public land elk hunt is his way to repay some favors. The elk are cooperative, but things don’t always go as planned. Just when Mike thinks it won’t happen, he takes aim and connects on a well-earn...

  • Heroes and Friends

    Randy is joined by friends, John Cushman and Gerald Martin, on a public land Montana deer hunt. John is an Iraq War Veteran who sustained several injuries during his service. Since returning home, John has found comfort in getting outdoors and hunting. Also part of camp are Gerald's son's, Gareth...

  • Arizona Elk Dreams and Realities

    Jerry Pritchard has drawn a late season rifle elk permit for northern Arizona, asking Randy and the Fresh Tracks crew to join him. Randy has hunted this area twice in the past and is confident Jerry will find a good bull on this public land unit. Easier-to-draw late season tags mean tougher hunting.

  • Migrating Mulies | Wyoming Mule Deer

    Mountain mule deer making their treacherous journey across Wyoming to their winter range has always intrigued Randy. This year Randy was lucky enough to draw a tag along this migration route. Making new friends along the way, Randy searches high and low in subzero temperatures for a worthy buck, ...

  • Lucky Larry | Wyoming Elk with Uncle Larry

    Hunting strengthens the ties that bind us. That explains the special bond Randy has with his Uncle Larry. Years of experimental chemo, a stroke, a heart attack, and the hand of time has tried to stop Larry from this hunt. Larry is undeterred, now he and Randy brave cold temperatures and high wind...